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We Build
Embodied Intelligence

Scalable AI models for universal robotic manipulation. Intuitively automate your most complex and tedious manual labor tasks from retail to manufacturing.

We provide a flexible and intuitive answer to your labor shortage, fitting seamlessly into human workplaces.

Our scalable foundation AI model enables truly dexterous robotic manipulation by learning from the best. Humans.

We break the scaling laws for AI in robotics by training our robots on diverse, large scale human video data. This allows us to swiftly generalize to new, unseen tasks with minimal fine-tuning



From Humans

Dexterity Made Simple

Our dexterous robotic hand hardware bridges the embodiment gap between humans and robots.

This universal robotic manipulator is designed to handle environments and tools made for humans.

Engineered to reliably handle tough work conditions just as well as fragile objects, it is the perfect platform to enable our AI models to act with human-like manipulation skills

7 kg
1.1 kg
+/- 0.5 mm

Robots that Speak Your Language

Imagine teaching autonomous robots by showing them human workflows. Imagine commanding your robot with simple natural language commands.
We give your workforce a helping hand to be used, self determined and democratic, where they really need it.
Unparalleled flexibility and versatility allow you to simply switch between different tasks, making automation economical even for low to medium volume and temporary applications.

Co-founder and CEO, Stefan is a mechanical engineer and industrial designer. Formerly at Siemens Healthineers and ETH, his work in robotics and 3D printing has led to several patents and publications. He also enjoys good powder days on the Snowboard.

Stefan Weirich


Co-founder and CTO/CRO, Elvis is responsible for our AI vision. As a PhD fellow at the ETH AI Center, his work on optimization and deep learning was published at leading machine learning conferences. He also teaches our robots how to mix the best Italian cocktails.

Elvis Nava


Co-founder and CCO/CTO, Stephan is an electrical engineer and startup enthusiast. Previously a researcher at ETH Zurich and MIT, and management associate at Brainlab, he pushes both our electrical engineering and business development to the next level.

Stephan Gravert


Founding roboticist Ben has already taught robots some extraordinary skills like catching and juggling balls. When he’s not around robotic hands or quadrupeds, he is perfecting the art of Hungarian Goulash.

Ben Forrai


Co-founder and Scientific Advisor Robert is head of the ETH Soft Robotics Lab. He holds a PhD in mechanical engineering and brings a wealth of experience from Amazon Robotics to Dexai, MIT and Stanford.

Robert Katzschmann

We bring Generative AI into the Real World

At mimic we are dedicated to creating practical and intuitive robots that make life easier for everyone. Originating in a cutting-edge research project at ETH Zurich our team combines expertise across AI research and engineering disciplines, as well as business strategy.
We are techies at heart and not afraid to get our hands dirty, or have our robots do it for us.

Open Positions
Come join a fast growing, venture backed start-up to build the future of robotics and AI with us in the heart of Zurich, Switzerland.

Contact Us

Do you have complex and tedious manipulation tasks you want to automate cost-effectively?
Would you like to enhance your robotic solutions, be it a mobile robot or an industrial cobot, with advanced manipulation skills?
​Interested in building a robot-assisted world and helping us bring intuitive dexterity into more people’s lives?

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